Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Milicia

As seen in Teen Vogue and other fashion magazines, the military look is trending.

Like on this years Pret à porter fall fashion show from Burberry Prorsum. (as seen on the pictures)
Militar does not mean green colors, it can also be browns, beiges and even white. Also these colors go perfectly with the Fall season. 


But of course these are the expensive versions, and if you want to pull off a military look there are other affordable versions. Like Forever 21.
$19.50 dlls
$39.80 dlls
$15.80 dlls



Or for more European sofistication, there is H&M

$79.95 dlls
$69.95 dlls
$24.95 dlls
$29.95 dlls

$59.95 dlls              

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