Monday, October 22, 2012


I am completely in love with Hedi Slimane's new collection for Saint Laurent. All pieces are very wearable and some even look like they were design for Florence Welsh. All of the pieces have that rock n roll feeling very own of Hedi Slimane. 
All of the trousers have that slim effect, which is the same that Hedi Slimane made for Dior. 

These were three of my favorite, considering that the whole collection its perfection.
 In my opinion some pieces are very unique and the imitation of such it was quite a challenge. I still hope to edit if I found something similar (refering to the dresses and some skirts) 

ROMWE $29.99                          FOREVER 21 $22.80                 FOREVER 21 $22.80
FOREVER 21 $19.80                    FOREVER 21 $24.80                                 H&M $34.95
H&M $34.95 (Both)
H&M $39.99

ZARA $29.99 H&M $24.95


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dsquared2 Fall/Winter 2012/2013

Today's outfits will be three of the Fall/Winter runway of Dsquared2. The whole runway was themed. Like a 60s prom, all about glamour and a bit of rock n roll.

This First look its quite simple, yet very wearable. 

sweater $15 dlls jeans $24.99 handbag $34.99 dlls
 Forever 21
sweater $19.80 jeans $24.50 purse $32.80
sweater $34.95 jeans $49.95 purse $34.95

The second look:
Its also casual but very work appropriate with a lot of edge. Imagine yourself going dressed 
like this for work, sure you will turn heads.

Forever 21 

Jacket $19.50 sweater $15.50 jacket 2 $32.80
Shirt $19.90 Trousers $19.80 necklace $12.80 hat $8.80
Blazer $49.95 Sweater $14.95 Shirt $19.95 Trousers $34.95
Hat $9.95 Necklace $24.95

3rd Look:
This is a more dinner/party kind of outfit or If you are daring go ahead! wear it for work.

Forever 21
Jacket $34.80 Sweater $19.80 Skirt $15.80 Hat $9.80 Necklace $12.80


Jacket $49.95 Sweater $39.95 Skirt $34.95 Hat $9.95 Necklace $12.95

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Balmain-Alexander Wang Fall/Winter Pret A Porter 2012/2013

One word: LEATHER

My H&M version
Jacket $29.95 Leggings $39.95 Skirt $24.95
Dress $12.95 Jacket $49.95
Runway Look Balmain
Blazer $49.95 Leggings $24.95 Sweater $34.95 Pants $19.95

Jacket $59.95

Phillip Lim

3.1 Phillip Lim Pret-à-porter Fall 2012-2013

Phillip Lim is known for having very clean looking aesthetic and minimalistic. For this season he used neutral and glimpses of burgundy, emerald green and navy blue. 

3.1 Phillip Lim Fall/Winter

My affordable option, try H&M, never goes wrong. 

Blazer $49.95 dlls Dress $19.95
Coat $79.95 Blouse $17.95 Pants $24.95

Fall Milicia

As seen in Teen Vogue and other fashion magazines, the military look is trending.

Like on this years Pret à porter fall fashion show from Burberry Prorsum. (as seen on the pictures)
Militar does not mean green colors, it can also be browns, beiges and even white. Also these colors go perfectly with the Fall season. 


But of course these are the expensive versions, and if you want to pull off a military look there are other affordable versions. Like Forever 21.
$19.50 dlls
$39.80 dlls
$15.80 dlls



Or for more European sofistication, there is H&M

$79.95 dlls
$69.95 dlls
$24.95 dlls
$29.95 dlls

$59.95 dlls